Graham Rhodes FRSA

Graham Rhodes is a writer and artist with over 35 years experience in painting, print making, graphic design, writing scripts, books, articles, and numerous other projects. He studied art at Jacob Kramer, Leeds & Harrogate Art College. He began working as an artist in the 1970's and took part in many exhibitions and galleries through the North. For many years he stopped painting & drawing, preferring to create programmes for the corporate world. In 2008 he took up digital photography. Since then he has photographed all over North Yorkshire including Scarborough, Bridlington, York, Whitby and Leeds. His photographs also include images of London, Greece & Turkey

In In 2009 he opened his own galley exhibiting a selection of his work. The gallery is an unusual location, above the public conveniences halfway along Scarborough's West Pier in a grade two listed building that once housed a company buying and selling fish. Since opening he has sold images to visitors and holiday makers from throughout the UK, South Africa, America, Holland, Australia and Korea

In March 2010 over 200 of Graham's images were chosen to be marketed by Posterlounge GmBh, Germany's largest poster and wall image company. In less that six months his work is now in their top ten best sellers list. It csn be seen at the following link -

 Artist's Statement
A photograph captures a moment in time but, through digital manipulation, that image can be distorted, to appear out of time, offering the viewer a sense of timelessness. This aging process challenges our notion of what we see, and underlines the concept that realism is, more often than not, what we think we are seeing rather than what is really in front of our eyes. These images are an exploration of perceptual realism, they observe the way light reveals objects or locations, suspending them in an image that at first glance, appears timeless.

The Title / Quotation
Each signed image is accompanied by a handwritten quote that came to mind as the image was manipulated. This quotation adds a different perception to the image, hopefully making the viewer think beyond what they see. The origination of each quote has not been named, this is deliberate as part of the enjoyment of life is finding out things for oneself. This journey of exploration adds to the joy of discovering a deeper meaning of the photographic image.

Graham firmly believes that art should always be approachable and affordable. Therefore every image is priced at 35 euros (30.00) which includes the image printed on 250gm gloss photographic paper and postage. Each image is a limited edition of 100.

Any queries or comments please contact Graham using the link at the top of the page.